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There are an estimated 8,800 orphaned children in the Misungwi area with fewer than 1000 beds available in orphanages. Many are at risk of living on the streets, being abducted by militant groups, or trafficked into slavery (such as forced labor or the sex trade). These children need to be saved from homelessness.


2024 GOALS

Restore and update current orphanage facilities

Implement a foster care system through local churches

Complete the storefront projects to  encourage entrepreneurship and create a source of income


Our Directors

“We left for a missions trip to Misungwi, Tanzania in 2023. Not knowing this would completely change the direction of our lives in a big unforeseen way. We knew we would be impacted in some way, but this trip ended up being very different. While we were there, within the first couple of days, God birthed something in us we could not shake.”

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